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Client Testimonials of Flair Data Systems

When I first arrived in Green Mountain Falls, about a year ago, I was appalled at the condition of the technical equipment that the Town depended on as its IT structure.  Our servers were almost to the point of losing support, we had no plan of replacement or maintenance support for our computers, and we had an antiquated phone and internet system.  With help from Flair Data Systems and their subcontractors, we are entering the 21st Century with Cloud based systems, newly installed microphones in our Board room, a new VOIP phone system coming soon, and a whole new infrastructure that comes with their brand of personal support.  Our updates were accomplished with professional, yet friendly and supportive service, by a crew of people who first listened and were able to explain to a non-IT professional exactly what things were needed and why.  We have been so impressed with the attention paid to what we Needed, and not just what could be sold to us.  We highly recommend the Flair team to anyone who is need of a firm to help with their IT needs.  They have the integrity that is so often missing these days.


Town of Green Mtn Falls

Thanks a ton Flair for all your help and willingness to step up. I wish we had more partners like Flair that we can always depend on!

Dirk B.

Director of Construction and Development
Pensam Capital

Flair Data System has been partnering with me for over 12 years providing voice, network, and managed service support.  Partnering with the Flair team has made our IT environment more reliable and more secure.  We are fortunate to have such a dedicated team to help us maintain such a complex system that spans the nation.  I recommend Flair as a partner for any IT services.

Paul O.

Hero Practice Services

The Flair staff is knowledgeable, professional and very responsive.  Flair is a trusted and dependable partner and we consider Flair as an extension of our Information Technology team. 

Roy D.

Director of IT
Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.

In the automotive space, I deal with vendors all day and have no short of 80 different ones. Flair Data Systems has been my top vendor for well over a decade for responsiveness, integrity and customer service. One quick story, I was having data connectivity issues with Qwest. Qwest swore up and down it was an issue we were having on-site and they were not responsible, nor could they help us. I had Nathan troubleshooting the issues and he strongly felt it was with Qwest. I called Qwest back, I told them Flair and Nathan was sure it was on their end. There was long silence. Then the Qwest Engineer at the NOC told me, Nathan can do my job better than I can, if he says it is us, it is us, he called back 30 minutes later with it fixed. That is why I have confidence in Flair.

Kevin D.

Marketing, IT and Operations Director
Al Serra Automotive