Outlaws & Law Men Jail Museum

When you are ready to spend some time in a historic setting, you should visit the Outlaws & Law Men Jail in Cripple Creek CO. The museum is a relic of the old west, and you can take pictures of yourself in prisoner attire! You’ll find a two-story jail cell and police logs from the 1890s.

Another great museum in Cripple Creek is the Old Homestead, which bills itself as the best brothel in the mining district’s heyday. This brick structure was built by Pearl DeVere after the town burned down, and it’s the only one of these original brothels that still stands. Visitors can hear the tales of the men who frequented the brothel and the women who worked there.

A unique experience in Cripple Creek is visiting the Outlaws and Lawmen Jail Museum, located on West Bennett Avenue. Previously known as the Teller County Jail, the museum depicts the darker side of gold camp life. It is interesting to see the police logs and exhibits about the lives of lawmen during these wild times. The museum is open daily. It’s well worth a visit!

When the town of Cripple Creek was a gold mining town, the location provided the perfect backdrop for misbehaving gold-hunters. The human passions for gold often led to poor decisions, temper tantrums, and financial arguments. When the population of Cripple Creek grew, a jail was necessary. In addition to housing people awaiting trial at the county courthouse, the jail served as a place for criminals to get away from the law. After a trial, convicted felons would be sent to Wyoming Prisons, while lesser criminals would stay in the county jail.

There are several other things to do in Cripple Creek, including gold mining, gambling, and the Pikes Peak Heritage Center at Cripple Creek. The town has many places to visit, and is very walkable. Located on Bennett Avenue, most of the town’s attractions are in walking distance. If you enjoy walking, you can walk to the Heritage Visitors Center, which overlooks Cripple Creek.

If you’re interested in the jailhouse’s history, there’s an exhibit about the women who once inhabited it. The jail was built in 1902, and there’s still some original furniture from that time. The booking room still has the height markers from the jail’s mug shots. The museum also highlights the crimes of notorious outlaws and early city ordinances.

If you’re looking for a great museum that will educate you about the past, the Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad is a wonderful place to start. The 15-ton steam engine that runs this route is a relic of the past. It takes passengers through a mining tunnel and a detailed model train layout. The train departs from Cripple Creek and returns to the area.

When you’re ready to relax after a long day of exploration, you can stop for lunch at the town’s only Irish pub, the Pint & Platter Pub. The pint & platter features Guinness on tap and authentic Irish food. There are also special St. Patrick’s Day specials and a special children’s menu for the children. The museum also features a carved wooden bar and a colorful, festive atmosphere.