Doug Ziegler, CMNA (Meraki)

Branch Manager

Introducing Doug Ziegler, a stalwart of Flair Data Systems, with an expansive service of 12 years and now their Branch Manager. Certified in CMNA (Meraki), Doug’s expertise has been instrumental in the success stories of numerous businesses. Beyond his pivotal role as the Branch Manager, he is also entrusted with the responsibilities of an Account Manager. The essence of his job lies in building meaningful connections – understanding individual business needs, helping entrepreneurs manifest their dreams, and ensuring seamless operations that allow them to channel their energies wholly into their core ventures.

But Doug isn’t just about work. Outside the professional sphere, he’s an avid sports enthusiast with a particular fondness for golf. His passion extends beyond just playing; it’s also about imparting knowledge and guiding others to better their game. As a testament to this, he proudly holds a National “E” license for coaching soccer and boasts a tenure as an assistant golf professional back in Tennessee. When not on the green or the field, you’ll find Doug deeply engrossed in his children’s activities, both academic and athletic, reinforcing his commitment not just as a professional, but as a devoted parent.

In Doug, you find a harmonious blend of professional acumen and personal passion. Whether you’re seeking technological guidance or a sporting tip, he’s the name you can trust.