F. David Simonds, Cisco Federal Sales AM

Federal Government Systems/Sales Architect

Introducing F. David Simonds, the adept Federal Government Systems/Sales Architect at Flair Data Systems, a leading name in network infrastructure hardware, security, managed IT services, voice communication, and VOIP collaboration systems.

With an impressive tenure spanning a quarter of a century, David has been an instrumental figure in shaping the face of Flair Data Systems. What makes him stand out? It’s his penchant for strategic analysis, unmatched project management skills, and an innate ability for creative problem-solving. Moreover, David prides himself on fostering strong and lasting customer relationships, an ethos that resonates with Flair’s core values.

His professional prowess is fortified by the prestigious Cisco Federal Sales AM Certification, emphasizing his specialization and understanding of the federal domain.

On a personal front, David’s passions are as diverse as his skill set. An enthusiast of ballroom dancing, he gracefully balances his professional and personal life. As a proud father of seven and having enjoyed 37 blissful years of marriage to his wonderful wife, family is at the heart of everything he does. Whether cheering at an ice hockey game, undertaking general home maintenance, or hosting guests at his log cabin in Silverthorne, CO, David embodies the spirit of dedication in every facet of his life.

In F. David Simonds, you encounter a perfect blend of professional expertise, family values, and personal interests. His legacy at Flair Data Systems is not just one of technical accomplishments but also of building lasting bonds, both within the company and with its clientele.