Joshua Simonds

Inside Sales Manager/Contract Manager

Introducing Joshua Simonds, the dynamic Inside Sales Manager and Contract Manager at Flair Data Systems. For a decade now, Joshua has been at the heart of a company that specializes in network infrastructure hardware, security, managed IT services, voice communication, and VOIP collaboration systems. With a crucial role that spans contract renewal management to solution research, Joshua’s innovative approach has led to the development of a robust process for timely contract renewals, ensuring no expiration date goes unnoticed.

Furthermore, his dedication is evident in his quick 0-4 hour response time for customer requests and the meticulous management of order processing. While Joshua might not brandish formal certifications, his expertise, refined over years, speaks for itself.

Beyond his professional prowess, Joshua has a myriad of interests. A fan of the icy rink, he’s passionate about hockey and when he isn’t skating, you can find him exploring nature’s trails, hiking or backpacking. Ever the versatile individual, he describes himself as a “Jack of many trades and master of a few,” which hints at his diverse skill set and insatiable curiosity.

Joshua’s commitment isn’t just limited to his role at Flair. His work ethos is fueled by a profound love for his family and community. His goal? To ensure solutions are implemented efficiently, making processes smoother for everyone involved. When you think of a dedicated professional who brings passion, innovation, and commitment to the table, think Joshua Simonds.